Hottest prom party themes 2012

The tradition of formal dances for teenagers dates back to the early 19th century; however proms at that time were not as lavish as today’s parties but boys and girls did use to wear elegant clothes and parties moved from the campus to the hotel ballrooms or other exclusive locations. Today, every year senior high school students are rushed off their feet with the prom party preparation. Every year the theme is different and everyone wants their theme to be unique and splendid. Therefore, you must check out what the hottest prom party themes 2012 are.

To start with, your school mates probably want something romantic and sophisticated, something that would suit to the taste of everybody. Having this in mind, one of the hottest prom party themes 2012 is the Paris prom theme. With decorations in Parisian style everyone can feel both classy and special. Additionally, such a setting creates an incredibly romantic atmosphere. After all, Paris is called the city of love… If you dislike this theme and you think it has become somewhat a cliché, you might like something more exotic. It is self-explanatory that the tropical theme is one of the hottest prom party themes 2012. A Hawaiian music and flower garlands will definitely put everyone in the right frame of mind that is a party mood! Also pineapples and coco nuts should appear on the tables so as to complement the exotic ambience. Finally, since childhood almost every girl wanted to be a princess and find her prince on a white horse. The prom party can help your dreams come true with the theme of a fairy-tale castle. Perhaps your prince will not take you for a ride on a horse but a white stretch limousine should do well, too. You and him dressed elegantly and stylishly is a nice requirement, isn’t it? After all, you probably have started browsing the net in search of prom dresses 2012.

To conclude, there are many other themes that are popular but the Parisian, tropical and fairy-tale prom party themes seem to be real hits this season. To such themes it will not be difficult for girls to find their perfect prom dresses 2012. Also boys would be less troubled with their outfits when the theme is rather universal than elaborate. The prom party is an important event in teenagers’ lives and thus, everything should be done to ensure them a splendid night.

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