Rail or air freight – which one to choose?

If one wants to track down the history of the world’s economy development, one of the best angles to look at it is from the perspective of logistics. Manufacturing goods is one thing, storing them is another one, but actually distributing and delivering them is yet another important link of the whole chain. In the distant past, people had to carry goods on their backs. From when the wheel was invented, there has been numerous ideas of vehicles able to transport products. Draught animals made it possible for people to transport more goods to more distant destinations. With the advent of mechanization and industrialization, there appeared vehicles that did not demand any human strength and serious physical effort.

Cars, trucks, buses – they all enabled passenger and goods transportation on a large scale. Equally important influence has been exercised by the rail freight. One of the latest big steps ahead in the development of the means of transport is an extensive use of airplanes in the international freight. If you want to find out more about two of the above mentioned means of transport, keep on reading. If you run a company and you need to export stuff or deliver it anywhere, think about rail or air freight – which one to choose?

Rail freight has a few clearly noticeable advantages to it. It is deemed as one of the safest ways of transporting goods. Thanks to low speed, goods are well protected and thus constitute little hazard for the environment in case of an accident. Generally, electrical trains are considered to be one of the most eco-friendly means of transportation.

Rail or air freight – which one to choose? Air freight is also an interesting solution thanks to a range of pros it boasts. One of the undoubted features of air freight is its speed. Planes are by far the fastest means of transport available, thanks to which they can carry goods in the blink of the eye from one place to the other. Moreover, statistically speaking, planes offer the safest transport services. Even though each serious catastrophe results in passengers or goods being killed or damaged almost completely, it has to be kept in mind that such accidents happen very, very rarely.

As far as cargo freight is concerned, you need to think: rail or air freight – which one to choose? Even though both have a lot of advantages, the best way to decide on either of them is to individually inspect the case.

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